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Las Vegas Taste Test | 04-22-2009

Wednesday, April 22nd 2009


2580 Anthem Village Drive
Henderson, NV 89052

Featuring international beers from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Jamaica, Czech Republic, England, and more.


Chimay Ale: (Belgium) – 1st Place
Price Comparison Indicator (Price per 12 ounces): $4.48*
Chimay Beer

The winner of our taste test is Chimay Ale, Red Label, from Belgium. Aside from the ingenious design and popping the cork off the bottle, the beer itself was the standout in having an almost perfect score from all of our taste testers.  The aftertaste and drinkability were exceptional. Chimay Ale is not so easy to find in stores, but those that experience it will definitely find a new best friend and know what to ask for when they arrive at a fine restaurant or pub known for its beer selection.  The brewer’s website states you should eat cheese as a perfect compliment to Chimay, but our taste testers found that Chimay will most likely be enjoyed with any meal.  More information can be found at  

Peroni: (Italy) – 2nd Place
Price Comparison Indicator (Price per 12 ounces): $1.99*

Peroni Beer

Peroni came in a close second in our International beer taste test. Peroni is a European Pale Lager brewed in Italy.  Peroni’s feel, drinkability and taste beat out our first place winner but the appearance and overall score left our judges wanting just a little bit more. According to their website Peroni is best served with Italian Cuisines. Our judges concluded that Peroni is also the perfect lager to drink at any social occasion. Our testers stated that they would gladly pay $1.99 for a Lager that left them with and such an amazing taste. More information can be found at

Red Stripe (Jamaica) – 3rd Place
Price Comparison Indicator (Price per 12 ounces): $1.50*

Red Stripe Beer

Red Stripe took third place in our recent tasting of international beers. Though one of our testers actually disagreed and placed this one in their personal favorite category. This Lager is a product of Jamaica and took high marks in all categories of our scoring system. From the grenade shaped bottle with the painted on labels right down to the taste and appearance our judges were impressed by this Lager. This lager is best served ice cold on a hot day and possibly with a lime. It is refreshing and the taste will never leave you disappointed and will always make you feel like you are sitting on a beach relaxing the moment you take your first sip. More information can be found at

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (Germany) – 4th Place
Price Comparison Indicator (Price per 12 ounces): $1.66*

Weihenstephaner Beer

This beer was very unique in its appearance and taste. Our Judges scored this beer at around average. But don’t let that fool you because in the right conditions this beer can easily score high above average marks. Weihenstephaner is said to be a great companion on a cold day, but our taste test was held in Las Vegas on a hot spring day. This beer is brewed in the world’s oldest brewery. Our judges think that this beer would taste best with a hot German sausage or just a nice meal with friends around a fire as the snow comes down and you reminisce about the glory days. This beer is very filling and the alcohol is well hidden in the magnificent taste. More information can be found at 

Zatec (Czech Republic) – 5th Place
Price Comparison Indicator (Price per 12 ounces): $2.38*

Zatec Beer

This medium bodied bright lager scored around average in all categories except appearance with our judges. In appearance this lager scored top marks. With its light taste, unique flavor and wonderful aroma it is hard to believe that it only scored average. Zatec is a small independent brewing company that is upholding classic Czech Brewing traditions.  According to the brewery that brews this fine lager it is best served with your traditional Czech dishes. The crisp taste makes this a great match for lobster and it can even cool the heat of a spicy Asian cuisine.  More information can be found at

*All prices were determined on 4-22-2009